Relationships: Why Do Some People Stay In Touch With Their Ex?

Relationships: Why Do Some People Stay In Touch With Their Ex?

If one’s relationship ends, they may decide to cut relations and move on with their lives. As a result, they do not want to be in touch with their former parents.Two-hikers-in-nature-crossing-the-stream-holding-hands

A step back

This can be seen as something that can prevent the past from keeping them firmly behind them. If you do not interact with the other person or do not differ differently, it will be logical.

In this case, the need to be in contact with a car is no longer the same thing – it does not matter. The time has come for an end to the other, it will leave their interest.

A new start

Now that their relationship is over, they can focus more on their energy and attention in other areas of their lives. They may decide that they want to spend some time in their own company.

By doing so, they will be given the opportunity to come back with whom. Instead, one does not need to do that because they know their needs fully.

External tips

Why people will understand in their lives and why they do not want to talk to people they want. If you are not in a healthy relationship, you may be comfortable with this approach.

They would have been witness to the extent of damage done to them, and they might have encouraged them to move forward. But if their relationship is not healthy, they can still support their decision.


If someone wants to see his life again, he can see that he always behaves. Therefore, their relationships were similar in the past, but their behavior was the same.

Then again, one stuck in the past and went to see that it did not serve any. Their behavior change is a result of a trial or a variety of experiments which have had a significant impact on them.

Another approach

But everyone who works in this way will have a lot of people who do not. When you can handle this, you can not go out. They want to contact the former.

Therefore, when a person is not in contact with someone, they will be part of their lives. Then they do not want to be very close to them, but they do not want to be far from them.

Two tests

If a relationship person is not inactive, it is said that such behavior is logical. But if they can not, it may be very difficult to understand what’s going on.

When it comes to the former matter, they may respect each other, they have all the positive experiences they have gathered and may be mutual friends. However, when it is the latter, it will be possible for them to have no respect between them and there will be all the negative experiences they share.

A factor

What is meant to be associated with his predecessor makes it easier for them to cope with their emotions. This person, along with others, can provide support for their internal instability.

If they are with a wrong person, this time will make it difficult for them to break their relationship with someone who is not good at them. This may be one of the reasons for their internal instability to control them and to start something like that.

Another factor

One does not leave emotion control, it’s hard to control their behavior. But even if someone communicates with us emotionally controlled, they may be emotionally dead.

When this happens, there is no way to isolate themselves, it will be a means of obtaining resources. Their former presence in their lives will allow them to receive sex, money and other benefits.

Two Extreme

In the second case you will find the person in the first instance difficult to empathize when the person may be. Unlike others, there is a need for perfection if you can treat others as individuals.

However, if someone sees someone to meet their needs, it will be a challenge to feel the emotions and needs of this person. If they reach a point they will no longer need it, they can remove it.


If someone uses people, they can not feel the need to change their behavior. On the other hand, if they feel emotionally unstable, they can see what they can do to solve themselves.

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