Quick and Easy Indian Snacks for Pregnant Women

Quick and Easy Indian Snacks for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, your body works day and night to feed your baby. You and your baby need a constant energy. Therefore, it is necessary to eat at appropriate intervals. Pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn and nausea will be treated if you eat smaller meals at regular intervals.breakfast-ideas

Here are six simple home cooking varieties of Indian snacks with fiber, carbohydrates, and proteins needed to hit hunger pain during pregnancy. These recipes will be filled with all the essential nutrition and help you cope with fatigue, fatigue and disease during pregnancy.

Sea beans: This acclaimed Indian food is very mature and can become pregnant with some differences with pregnant women. Some cilantro leaves, roasted green peppers, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, chopped onions, boiled buds and some onions. Add some salt, salt, mango powder (onion), and some tamarind. Now, mix all the ingredients properly. In this mixture, spray spice chat. This Indian snack is enjoyed. Marmora (puffed rice) is rich in vitamin B and protein. This bull is so nutritious because it buds.

Oatmeal: It is full of soluble fiber and is very simple. You need to add milk or water in the microwave and oatmeal. Add some raisins to make it healthy. Enjoy this very nutritious snack at any time. It contains potassium, fiber and carbohydrates.

Juices: fatigue and fatigue and helps you feel fresh and relaxed. Make berries, berries, mangoes and apples in the home to make juices, cut into small pieces and mix them with a mixture. Add some milk and add some ice cubes. Create a pulp and mix them again. This snack contains essential nutrients, proteins and calcium.

Masala Papad: Use Tada Papata Ruda instead of roasting. You will have coriander leaves, radishes, onions, cucumbers and finely chopped tomatoes. Mix all of these ingredients and spread on well roast pork. Spices, salt, and some mango powder. If you do not like big cuts, the best way to eat salads. This diet is full of nutrition and vitamins.

Fruit Chad: Collect fruits in your home and cut them into small pieces. Take these fruits in a bowl. Add salt, lemon sauce, green chillies, chilli powder, lemon juice, sauce spices, black salt and roasted cumin powder. Sprinkle some mint leaves and coriander seeds. Instead of sauce, you can use yogurt. This fruit is rich in iron, proteins and carbohydrates.

Paneer Alu Chad: Banner cut and boiled potatoes into small pieces. Fry these ingredients in a bowl. Fry the onions and green peas. Add lemon juice, salt, spices sand and green chilli together with all ingredients together. Cut them off and sprinkle with chopped coriander. This is both calcium rich alum paneer.


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