Heartburn! Or Is It A Heart Attack!!

Is It A Heart Attack?

Heartburn or stomach (with acidic indigestion) is defined as a feeling of pain heartburn in the stomach from the stomach to the base of the breast. It is described as a bitter feeling in your chest, heavy and uncomfortable. This is a common sign of indigestion. Heartburn occurs when there is a swelling in the lower part of the esophagus. This can occur when the stomach collects portion of its contents, which forces it to enter the esophagus. The stomach acid in the esophageal acid is very irritating.

Although heartbeat does not cause a major health threat, pain can be very severe, sometimes it is wrong for a heart attack. This study is believed to have a heart attack on patients with 70 percent of the urgent symptoms and is actually suffering from heart disease. . Indigenous symptoms, breast bone, nausea, lumbar, feeling a bloating sensation behind the throat from swollen and sore acids. There are differences in indigestion symptoms, severe pain in the chest area, emitted to the neck, jaw, back, or arms, breathing, drowsiness, parties, numbness in nausea and sudden vomiting, cold sensation, great moisture and sweating.

Some foods or other conditions may increase the risk of heartburn. For example, consuming excess food and excess alcohol and smoking cigarettes and fatty foods can cause an ailment to eat aroma. Prevention is the best way to control heartburn. You need to take small food, avoid or reduce coffee, reduce cigarettes and alcohol, avoid tight belt and dress. You must wait for at least two hours after the meal and avoid bending. Use additional pillows if your heartbeat occurs after sleep or raise the head of the bed.

If you have pain, you should see your doctor. Together with nausea or vomiting, on the one hand, along with a soft, colored skin. It may be a heart attack instead of a heart attack. If these symptoms appear, you should immediately get treatment. If you burn your stomach frequently in your stomach (week two or three times) talk to your doctor. Frequent heartburn can cause a stomach ulcers and other problems that stomach acid can damage the esophagus, a long period of time. Think of it more than anything, take care of yourself. Your health and your life depend on it. Nobody knows you better than you.

Posture Alignment and Height


Why is it normal for people to become smaller than the elderly? What about those who happen around in a good position. In the 60s and 70s, and in the 80s, when they were in the 20s and 30s? The natural lemination of the discs between an inch half-inch individual spine on the length of a person’s lifetime. There is nothing but a low level. There are two basic commands in the order of the situation: one, if the situation is aligned, lose the ability to move in the lateral ramp (or side-to-side side movement). Secondly, the total height of your body is reduced because the community is now sitting at the top of sitting. If you are 20 years old and you are within half an inch, you have to be in good condition. Think about an “old” person. Your vision does not usually start bending.

Youth approach. While honest people move quickly and efficiently, they reduce the pain less and use their total lung capacity. It has a high efficiency of movement and resilience, and its joints are less susceptible to wear and tear, and good progress is better from the best radius of their advanced age. We often notice that the old people have little energy. Try it out because it’s possible to sit in reading this: Try to bend your chair and make a deep breath. Difficult? Now sit down and repeat. Feel the difference? Try to bend or bend for a few minutes (we have a lot of sitting) you can see how much more energy you need to enter the room immediately. Many elderly people are somewhat tired, and to some extent, they are ineffective. At the end of the spectrum we can find more resources with these athletes. What’s the biggest difference between you and us? This is not their genes, their training, their nutrition or their gene. Do not waste anything, they have a perfect (or near) position and full potential when moving.

Another reason for us to make us brief, gravitation pulls the body down, life as a constant force. Therefore, without much pain, it controls the ability to last longer. It can not function in coordinated manner. But you can improve your movement by lighting your body. Think of an animal coming out of the water. Vibration resembles: Enhances the integrated human intuition in the extension and acts to reset your position. Do not reduce the strength to improve the position of the body. Level problems can be reduced by stretching and stretching the body. If you sit for a long time, simply lay on the floor and beat on one leg, then stretch in the opposite direction of your hands. Training by training and shooting through balloons that you hold during walking is also improved. Since your head is not far from your head, you can avoid many situations by pulling or squeezing your cheek. Do you know that every inch of your own increases the weight effectively? Position the chair, the desk, the computer, and thus provide some designs to adjust the situation.


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